Sonos 4 download
Sonos 4 is a software real time multiband FM processor for broadcasters. With a suitable sound card it is possible to turn a Windows PC into a broadcast limiter. The processor achieves its loudness through the use of a distortion masked final clipper (a distortion cancelled clipper). The sound quality and loudness is close to industry standard Optimods and Omnias.

Sonos 4 is no longer available. It has been replaced by Radio Optimizer.

Maxx is a tool for final limiting or mastering of audio files in production environments. There is a manual interactive mode and a batch file processing mode using either a new two band (MBL2) processor or a nine band  processor based on MBL6 from Sonos 4.

Maxx has been replaced by Studio Optimizer .


The Hellfire Demo is a demo of a new audio processor that runs on Windows. It is essentially a demo of the upcoming Hellfire Client for Windows and Hellfire Server for Linux.
The major change is to add distortion cancelled clippers to the MB Limiter.Also added is a 5th Order Butterworth-Garde band filter.Partial work around found for slow presets saving.It is still slow when writing out for the first time!.

The next release of the demo should feature a new FFT based final clipper (DMC). This is becoming a very complex thing and is consuming much time.There are even no guarantees that it will work at all.

For the Demo to run you will need a modern quad core processor.Other than that it should now run sucessfully

Next on the 'To-Do' list is to design and build a USB sound card (the Hellfire Hardware) with all the I/O needed by professional broadcasters.
My intentions at the moment is for the Server to be capable of running on any sound card under Linux.The Hellfire software would then be free and the Hellfire Hardware not!