Sonos 4 download
Sonos 4 is a software real time multiband FM processor for broadcasters. With a suitable sound card it is possible to turn a Windows PC into a broadcast limiter. The processor achieves its loudness through the use of a distortion masked final clipper (a distortion cancelled clipper). The sound quality and loudness is close to industry standard Optimods and Omnias.

Sonos 4 is no longer available. It has been replaced by Radio Optimizer.

Maxx is a tool for final limiting or mastering of audio files in production environments. There is a manual interactive mode and a batch file processing mode using either a new two band (MBL2) processor or a nine band  processor based on MBL6 from Sonos 4.

Maxx has been replaced by Studio Optimizer.


Finally a release of Hellfire Demo!
In the future I hope to write client/server versions of Radio Optimizer using the new Hellfire processor after updating the current Radio Optimizer & Studio Optimizer.
Good luck its an early version with things yet to do but it should work.